RCF/PMI (Residential Care Facility for Persons w/ Mental Illness)

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Imagine The Possibilities took over operations of the county-owned Andrew Jackson Care Facility building, obtaining licensure to operate a Residential Care Facility for Persons with Mental Illness (RCF/PMI) in November 2012. The RCF/PMI program offers an assortment of services both in-house and through local community resources to adults with cognitive disabilities and behavioral issues who require licensed residential services for person with mental illness. Andrew Jackson Care is a licensed 16 bed facility and utilizes trained staff to provide each individual with the support, training, and rehabilitation needed to progress to a less restrictive living arrangement. Services are based on the individual’s needs, including assessment evaluation, medication administration, crisis management, behaviors management, etc. Individuals are also given opportunities to access the community by attending a wide variety of community activities and employs a full time Activity Coordinator who directs both in-house and community activities . Andrew Jackson Care also offers daily skill building groups such as: coping personal self-help, independent living, community living, social, money management, anger management, illness management and recovery, medication education, and recreational and leisure skill building.
Individuals appropriate for services offered by the RCF/PMI must be at least 18 years of age and have a primary diagnosis of chronic mental illness. Individuals meeting the above criteria and having a secondary diagnosis of moderate, mild, or borderline intellectual disability, developmental disability, physical disability (but must be ambulatory), and/or substance abuse/dependence may also be appropriate for this residential service.

RCF/PMI Accreditation

Imagine The Possibilities RCF/PMI is surveyed on an annual basis by the Health Facilities Division of the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals. DIA is the state agency responsible for inspection and licensure of all Chapter 135C health care facilities in Iowa. The mission of the Health Facilities Division is “to promote the quality and optimal outcomes of services through a survey process that centers on enhancing the lives of the people served.” A representative or group of representatives from DIA conducts an unannounced visit to the facility each year to determine compliance with state and federal regulations. Compliance is determined through observation, interview of individuals, staff, and families, and in-depth record review.