Employment Services

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Employment Services

Imagine the Possibilities’ has successfully placed many individuals at various work sites in the surrounding communities.  The programs are designed to offer supported employment opportunities to individuals who have both the desire to work in an integrated work setting and employment abilities for this setting.  The two main goals of these services are to give the individuals the opportunity to earn competitive wages and allow these wages to be earned in an integrated work setting.  Job coaching may be part of this service.

Employment Services at Imagine the Possibilities, Inc.  consist of the following Community Employment Services (CES) categories: Job Development (CES/JD) and Employment Supports (CES/ES).   All Community Employment Services  are accredited by CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities).

Community Employment Services

Employment Supports | Small Group Employment (Enclaves)

Enclave employment is designed for individuals who have the necessary skills to perform a variety of work tasks with less minimal supervision. Imagine the Possibilities offers a variety of options for employers in the community to enhance their work force with local businesses.

Employment Supports | Job Coaching

This program is designed to offer supported employment opportunities to individuals who have both the desire to work in an integrated work setting and the employment-related abilities for this setting.   Imagine the Possibilities has placed individuals at many work sites in the communities where the service is provided.

Job Development

This service is designed for individuals with good work skill capabilities but who do require a minimal amount of assistance in job seeking skills, work ethics, and support.  This service helps individuals seek community employment and earn competitive wages in a job that matches their skills and interests.  Individuals receive training in such areas as completing applications, writing resumes, completing job searches, etc.

Project Search

This is an employment internship program for students who have completed their 4th year of high school and want to continue with work experience through this program for the 5th year of schooling.  Project Search, which is held at Mercy Medical Center in Clinton, Iowa and St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa.  Iowa Vocational Rehab Services (IVRS) provides funds for job development services while attending the Project Search Program.

Employment services are funde through ID, BI, Habilitation Waiver funding and also through Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services.  They can also be funded through the individual’s local county or also private pay.

Referrals for employment services can be made online by clicking here.