We are on mission to empower people to reach individual achievement across the spectrum of life. Here’s how we do it:

Human Rights

We believe every person deserves the same rights and respect from everyone.

Dignity and Respect for All

We believe in providing an environment where all are treated with dignity and respect from every person.

Community and Home

We believe that every person deserves a place they can call ‘home.’

Open Communication

We believe that honest, open communication leads to success.


We believe that honesty provides a base of trust and helps us understand everyone’s needs better.


We believe that kindness shows our compassion and care for one another.


We believe that seeing every person reach individual achievement only comes through empowerment.

Individual Potential

We believe every person has the ability to set and achieve their goals.

Wellbeing of Individuals

We believe that each person has more potential to thrive when their wellbeing is assured.

Ethical and Legal Business Practices

We believe that operating ethically and within the bounds of legal business practices is the only way to assure each person receives what is guaranteed to them.

You can learn more about our story by taking a look at our timeline. We believe in continual growth, year after year!

What does Imagine the Possibilities do?

Imagine The Possibilities is committed to providing quality Community-Based Services to people with disabilities.

People served will be assured individually designed services that enhance their abilities in a environment that emphasizes dignity and respect for all. 

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What's the story of Imagine the Possibilities?

Imagine’s history dates back to the 1970s, when a group of people saw a need to provide intentional, personalized services for people with disabilities.

In July 2016, after months of planning and research, three organizations from across the state came together to create Imagine the Possibilities, Inc. with the mission of Individual Achievement.

These three organizations (DAC, Inc., Imagine the Possibilities, Inc. and Midwest Opportunities, Inc.) wanted to be proactive and set a solid foundation for services for years to come in order to effectively work with the new implementation of Managed Care that was now overseeing funding for our services. In October of 2016, Imagine the Possibilites Inc. added another strong partner to the fold – G and G Living Centers, Inc.

Because of this foresight and action, Imagine the Possibilities, Inc. is now one of the largest organizations in the state providing a variety of services and service locations to individuals with developmental disabilities. The scope and size of the organization brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and choices in order to provide the best quality services to those we serve.

Imagine the Possibilities, Inc. has over 132 years of combined experience from the three previous organizations coming together. Better Together – yes we are!

View our history to see a detailed timeline of Imagine the Possibilities’ development and growth.

What is the mission of Imagine the Possibilities?

Imagine the Possibilities is missioned to empower people to reach individual achievement across the spectrum of life. 

How do we do this? We believe in createing opportunities through an array of community services. Quite simply, the people we serve are given an environment that promotes laughter and joy, a place where life is celebrated and energies are not focused on barriers or what seems to be impossible. Rather, we intend to focus the full force of our energy on seeing beyond disability and imagining all that is possible! We believe that people with disabilities need to do for themselves as much as possible. We can provide teaching, options, support and the necessary skills and tools, but only they can combine all of these resources and bring their own dreams to life.

And… one more thing – we believe in having fun whenever possible!

How is Imagine the Possibilities funded?

Most services offered by Imagine the Possibilities are funded through the Medicaid program. A significant amount, however, is provided through local county funding, as well as state funds.

Additionally, we depend on gifts from our friends to make a continued difference. The generosity of our donors allows us to enhance our services with special events and large equipment purchases.

Donations & Planned Giving also allow us to build a stronger financial base from which to operate and grow. Each day, our simple goal is to do more to further fulfill our mission. You can help to make that possible!