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The Representative Payee service is designed to assist individuals who are seeking knowledge and development of individual money management skills.

Imagine the Possibilities’ Representative Payee program currently manages the monthly incomes of our various customers & consumers, to help develop financial management skills that are necessary for independent living. In addition to paying monthly bills, program staff assist individuals in developing budgets to ensure all of their needs are met.

Imagine the Possibilities’ Representative Payee program not only provides administrative financial support to our individuals, but also takes an educational approach, explaining financial expectations and limitations to individuals in a productive and informative manner.

Representative Payee Services follow the Social Security Administration guidelines for Representative Payee duties and responsibilities including:

  • Paying food/shelter and personal needs. Will also pay for certain utility bills unless otherwise notified.
  • Monitoring personal accounts for resource limitations.
  • Filing required reports to Social Security Administration with supporting documentation.
  • Advocating for beneficiaries to protect, maintain or reinstate benefits through waiver appeal to Social Security Administration.
  • The customers served may include individuals with mental and or physical disabilities, elderly or individuals receiving government benefits.
  • Approved to provide Fiduciary Services to United States Veterans.
  • Accountability includes submitting yearly reports to the Social Security Administration and if required, quarterly reports to our clients and/or family members. Our payee department also is required to submit to tri-annual Social Security audits.

Questions regarding Representative Payee Services? Please contact Mary Bartels at 563-652-5252 ext 1112 or by email: