Joining the Team at Imagine

Step 1: Apply Online

Navigate to our employment page or our Indeed portal where you can search and apply for opportunities near you! Applying is quick and easy – simply submit an online application and our Hiring Team will reach out to you.

Step 2: Phone Screening

After submitting your application, our Hiring Team will reach out to you by phone to discuss the job you applied for, ask for any additional information they need, and to get an interview scheduled. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and get to know who we are as a company.

Step 3: Interview

Our interviews take place in-person, by phone, or by video (this depends on the position you’re applying for). Our team will meet with you to discuss the openings, your availability, explain the position you have applied for in greater detail, and go over any additional items or questions. This is another great opportunity to ask any questions you have as you learn more about who we are as a company, what the position entails, and hear about the amazing benefits we offer our employees. 

Step 4: Review

Once your interview is complete, the Hiring Team will review the information you provided, find the best position for you, and make their decision. The team will reach out to you for any further information they might need or to share any information they have.

Step 5: Job Offer & Acceptance

If you seem to be a great fit, our Hiring Team will reach out with a tentative job offer. They will share any additional information they need to provide to you, and you’ll have the opportunity to decline or accept the tentative offer. If you accept, the Hiring Team will provide you with the next steps in the hiring process.

Step 6: Onboarding

After successfully completing background checks, you’ll start the onboarding process. This includes completing employment documentation and preparing you for your first day of online orientation and any additional trainings required. Don’t worry if you’ve not had experience in the field before – we will provide you with all the training you will need to be successful in your new job!